Tejaswini Mishra

Postdoctoral research fellow

Stanford University, California, USA

Biography - Dr. Tejaswini Mishra is a postdoctoral research fellow working on personalized medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Snyder at the Genetics department of Stanford University School of Medicine in California. Her research at Stanford focuses on delineating a personal baseline of health in each individual, using longitudinal multi-omics data collected over time from human subjects. She is currently developing frameworks for integrative analysis of large multi-omics datasets (“big data”) in order to understand human-to-human molecular variation and predict personal health outcomes and disease trajectories. Dr. Mishra obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biotechnology from the University of Mumbai, India, and her doctoral diploma from The Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State, she used sequencing technology to study regulation of cell fate decisions during blood cell development, ultimately discovering a fate bias in a blood cell progenitor. She also participated in the NHGRI-funded Mouse ENCODE Project, whose goal was to identify functional elements in the mouse genome. In a research career spanning 10 years, her work in understanding gene expression and regulation covers a wide variety of research areas including heterochromatinisation in fission yeast, mouse haematopoiesis and prostate cancer biology, as well as personalized medicine.