Simonne Longerich

Senior Research Geneticist


Simonne is a Senior Research Geneticist with WuXi NextCODE. Prior to WXNC, Simonne held an associate research scientist faculty position at Yale University where she was focused on biochemical characterization of proteins deficient in the rare genetic disease Fanconi Anemia. This research was an extension of her particular interest in DNA repair and genomic stability. As a PhD candidate in Immunology at the University of Chicago, she contributed to advances in understanding the molecular mechanism of somatic hypermutation in B lymphocytes, the process that generates high affinity antibodies during a humoral immune response. Her interest in genome stability began in the lab while pursuing her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Genetics at the University of Alberta where she researched the genetic requirements for a specific mutational process that occurs in bacteria under stress, adaptive mutation.