Shahrad Taheri

Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Clinical Investigations

Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar

Dr. Shahrad Taheri is Professor of Medicine, Professor of Epidemiology, Assistant Dean for Clinical Investigations, and Director of the Clinical Research Core at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar. Dr. Taheri is also Honorary Professor of Medicine at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust. He graduated in Medicine from the Medical College of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London University and obtained his PhD in neuroendocrinology from Imperial College London. He has trained in clinical medicine and research in London (UK) and Bristol (UK) and Stanford (USA). At Stanford, Dr. Taheri was a Howard Hughes research associate. Dr. Taheri has extensive experience of leading the multi-professional care of patients with obesity and diabetes within the UK National Health Service and Qatar. He has also led large multidisciplinary research teams aiming to develop, implement, and evaluate clinical services for patients with diabetes and obesity. Dr Taheri is member of the Clinical Care Committee at World Obesity. He is also Chair for Research at the National Diabetes Strategy, Ministry of Health, Qatar, and Chair for Research at the Qatar Metabolic Institute at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Dr Taheri is Assistant Chair of Medicine at HMC and has led the multi-professional specialist medical weight management serviced at HMC. He has supported the development of the National Obesity Treatment Centre at HMC. Dr Taheri has contributed to national and local guidelines on obesity in the UK and Qatar. Dr. Taheri’s research experience extends from basic laboratory to human intervention, and population studies. His research interests are increasingly focused on the development, conduct, and implementation of a range of clinical trials into diabetes and obesity, and linking these trials to investigation of disease mechanisms through laboratory studies. He has won multiple awards for his research over the years. Dr Taheri has published extensively in high-ranked journals and serves on the editorial board of several major journals including International Journal of Obesity and PLoS One. He also frequently reviews grants for several major funding bodies.