Samuli Ripatti


University of Helsinki, Finland

Samuli Ripatti, Ph.D, is a Professor in Biometry at University of Helsinki and EMBL group leader at FIMM. He is a statistical geneticist with a special interest in genetics of cardiovascular traits, lipids and metabolomics. He is an honorary faculty member of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, member of the ESHG Scientific Program Committee, Steering Group member of FP7 BioSHaRE project, International Steering Committee member of P3G, Editorial Board member of Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine- Cardiovascular Epidemiology and PLoS Genetics. Dr. Ripatti has been actively involved in large-scale EU projects on genetic research (ENGAGE, BioSHaRE, CENTER-TBI) and several global complex disease genetics consortia (Global Lipid Genetics Consortium, Cardiogram+C4D, DIAGRAM, CHARGE, MAGIC). He is also a member of SISu project Steering group and leading the data center as well high throughput imputation effort. He has led the imputation of the existing Finnish population-based cohorts, including FINRISK and Health 2000 GWAS data. He is chairing the scientific arm of the GeneRisk project, an initiative funded by Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation TEKES, aiming to recruit 15000 individuals to evaluate the additional value of applying Genetic Risk Score (GRS) in the clinical setting for the prediction and prevention of CVD events. Dr. Ripatti is the Board member of the Doctoral School in Health Sciences and is heading the doctoral programme in Population Health (DocPop) responsible for setting up strategic training curriculum of the programme.