Said Ismail

Manager of the Qatar Genome Programme

QGP, Qatar

Dr. Said Ismail is the Manager of the Qatar Genome programme (QGP), which is one of the major national programs of its kind in the region. QGP is a population-based initiative designed around on a comprehensive strategy involving drafting regulations and policies; forging local research partnerships; establishing national genomic data networks; building local human capacity; and facilitating the integration of genomics into the healthcare system. Dr Ismail, a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Oxford, has work experience extending into various fields including education, research and consultancy. His research experience is in the field of molecular biology and genetics with focus on cancer genetics and the screening and characterisation of disease related mutations in the Arab population. Dr Ismail is also the first president and co-founder of the International Society on Aptamers, and is also an editorial board member in multiple international journals. As a research fellow at University College London (UCL), Dr. Ismail won the Said Foundation prize for young Arab researchers in the UK. As head of the Biochemistry department at the University of Jordan Medical School, Dr Ismail was awarded the Shoman award for Arab researchers in biomedical sciences for the year 2013.