Professor Ahmet Ozen

Professor of Pediatrics

Marmara Universsity

Dr. Ozen has been working as Professor of Pediatrics, in Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology in Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. His program is focused on training residents in pediatrics and clinical fellows in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. His institution is a referral center in Turkey for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various immunological diseases, including childhood allergies and immune deficiencies. During his fellowship program at the NIH he discovered CHAPLE syndrome caused by biallelic loss of function mutations in the CD55 gene. His personel research focus is to investigate pathogenetic mechanisms of this disorder, discover other genetic etiologies of CHAPLE- like diseases and develop therapeutic strategies towards these pathologies. Following in vitro studies they have shown that complement inhibition could be an effective strategy in the management of CHAPLE syndrome. He initiated a clinical trial on the treatment of CHAPLE disease with the C5 blocker eculizumab, with great success. Apart from CHAPLE research, ongoing collaborative studies involving patients treated at their center have been leading to exciting discoveries.