Omair AlNuaimi

Graduate Associate

Sidra Medicine

Omair joined Sidra Medicine in 2017 as an associate in research department. As an associate, Omar has received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining Sidra, Omair had training in modern molecular biology techniques used in the biomedical research industry. Omair works with different principal investigators in their research projects. Omair is a part of the primary interests are non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes lab, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. This lab focuses on the role of diet and its effect on genomic background, as well as on gut microbiome composition, using advanced technologies such as DNA genotyping, DNA-methylation analysis, 16S-sequencing and nutritional assessment (BMI, body fat mass composition, diet and lifestyle habits records, nutrition and micronutrient computing). Omair has one peer-reviewed publication in the journal of diabetic medicine. Omair is currently working on several studies are about the obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and pregnancy negative outcomes, in collaboration with both local and international institutes.