Moza Khalifa Al-Kowari

Research Specialist

Sidra Medicine

Moza is research specialist working under translational medicine of Sidra Research department. She obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees in Biomedical Sciences from Qatar University. Currently, she is a PhD student enrolled in Biological and Biomedical program at HBKU. Her research focuses in studying the molecular bases of hearing loss and identifying the causative mutations in hearing loss patients. In collaboration with Sidra’s ENT department, she was able to establish a joint research project which was funded in 2017 by Sidra Internal Research Fund. Between 2004-2012, she was a senior technologist in Molecular Genetics Laboratory at HMC-QATAR, where she was able to establish several laboratory diagnostic tests and participating in research projects. Later before joining Sidra Medicine between 2012-2015, she was working as research associate in Cancer Research Center at QBRI where her work focused in studying some pro- and anti-apoptotic molecules that could be responsible for the apoptosis resistance in neuroendocrine differentiated cells of prostate cancer.