Michele Ceccarelli

Acting Research Director of the Computational Science and Engineering

Qatar Computing Research Institute

Michele Ceccarelli joined Qatar Computing Research Institute (HBKU) in 2014 where is servers as acting Research Director of the Computational Science and Engineering group (CS&E), prior to joining QCRI he was Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Sannio (Italy), where he worked on different problems of Computational Biology and Biomedical Imaging, and Principal Investigator of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory at the BIOGEM Research Center in Italy. Michele has made significant contributions to the field of cancer genomics, developing novel tools and algorithms for gene expression data analysis, gene network analysis and identification of structural genomic alterations. The algorithms developed by him and his teams have been used to discover novel biomarkers in colon and breast cancer, identification of novel gene fusions in brain tumors, and detection of specific gene signatures in developmental biology. He was involved in the TCGA Pan Glioma Analysis Working Group participating to the discovery of novel biologically and clinically relevant glioma subtypes.