Michael Maresh

Consultant Obstetrician

St Mary’s Hospital for Women, UK

Michael Maresh became interested in the subject of diabetes in pregnancy during his postgraduate training in London when he undertook research for an MD on the metabolic effects of diet and insulin on women with gestational diabetes. He also contributed to a European study on determining the normal range for a 75g OGTT in pregnancy. On moving to Manchester in 1986 he became more involved with women with pre-gestational diabetes and published on fetal growth profiles in women with type I diabetes. St Mary’s was one of the 2 UK sites for the HAPO study and he was co-PI as he is now for the 10 year follow up programme. He was the obstetric PI for the DAPIT study on 750 women with type 1 diabetes which has resulted in multiple publications. Manchester is also a site recruiting for the CONCEPTT study and he is the local PI. He has been a member of the NICE guideline group on Diabetes in Pregnancy which published in 2015 and was involved with developing the NICE Quality Standards resulting from it published in 2016. He is actively involved with the current English National Audit on Diabetes in Pregnancy. He is co-editor of a standard textbook on Diabetes in Pregnancy, the second edition of which is about to be published. He is an invited member of the European Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group (DPSG).