Marios Kambouris

Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar

Twenty-two years post-doctoral experience & expertise in Genetics, Genomics, DNA Diagnostics & Biotechnology both in scientific planning & business development including global alliances, venture capital recruiting and private investment fund raising. In DNA Diagnostics, established and directed the Molecular Genetics & DNA Diagnostics laboratory at King Faisal Hospital & Research Center (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Geno-Type Biotechnology (Athens, Greece) and Gonidio International (Møgeltønder-Tønder, Denmark) performing & interpreting DNA diagnostic testing, Predictive Genomics testing, assessing and signing clinical and prenatal cases for inherited diseases. In Clinical Genetics extensive experience, examining, diagnosing, risk assessing, counseling and managing patients with a multitude of genetic disorders, congenital malformations, dysmorphia & mental retardation in Genetics clinics, in-patient consultations, field clinics, Growth clinics (skeletal dysplasias & growth abnormalities) and Neurology clinics (neurogenetic disorders) at Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI, USA), Children’s Hospital of Michigan (Detroit, MI, USA) and Riley Hospital for Children (Indianapolis, IN, USA). Risk assessing and Genetic counseling for high-risk pregnancy patients (maternal age, family history of genetic disorders, teratogenic exposures, abnormal MSAFP, etc.) in Prenatal Diagnosis clinics at Indiana University and Wishard Memorial Hospitals (Indianapolis, IN, USA).