Margaret J Morris

Professor and Head of Pharmacology

University of New South Wales

Professor Morris leads the Environmental determinants of obesity research group within the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW. Her research addresses critical questions concerning the impact of adverse early life events and lifestyle factors on chronic disease risk. The impact of parental obesity and early childhood events has been a key focus, exploring offspring metabolic and cardiovascular risk, and lifestyle and pharmacological options for intervention. She has worked extensively on the impact of maternal obesity on health of the offspring, and explored both pharmacological and lifestyle (e.g. exercise) options for intervention. Recent work investigating the role of paternal obesity on the health of offspring demonstrated that when rat fathers were fed a high fat diet to induce obesity and glucose intolerance, the resulting female offspring exhibited impaired glucose tolerance and insulin secretion (Nature 2010). Morris was honored with Nina Kondelis Prize organized by Australasian Neuroscience Society in 2012 for best contribution to Neuroscience Research. Over her academic career Morris has published >235 peer reviewed articles and supervised 24 PhD students to completion [H index 51]. A full-time Teaching/Research academic with experience in 5 Australian Universities, Prof Morris plays a key role in educating health professionals and the public. In 2014 UNSW named her as 1 of ‘15 women changing the world’.