Kristina Ingeborg Rother

Chief of the Section on Pediatric Diabetes and Metabolism

National Institutes of Health

Dr. Rother received her medical degree from the University of Freiburg in Germany. She completed a residency in pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota), and fellowships in pediatric endocrinology at the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts), and at the Children's Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland). In 2008, Dr. Rother earned a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research through the collaboration between the NIH Clinical Center and Duke University Medical Center. In addition to her clinical training, she spent several years in basic research, initially at the Institute for Molecular Biology II, University of Zurich (Switzerland) and then at the NIH in the Institute for Child Health and Human Development focusing on insulin action and signaling. After returning from the ‘bench to the bedside’ in 2000, her research focused primarily on islet transplantation, islet regeneration and beta cell preservation in pediatric and adult patients with type 1 diabetes. In 2006, she joined the ‘obesity initiative’ at the NIH and initiated several interventional trials in the field of pediatric type 2 diabetes. Within the realm of studying life style modification as an important tool in diabetes management, her team investigates metabolic effects of artificial sweeteners. Her clinical research team is also in the process of studying mechanisms by which the newest class of hypoglycemic agents (SLGT2 inhibitors) affects the regulation of various endocrine pathways, including bone metabolism.