Khalid Al Lakhen

Associate- Research

Sidra Medicine

Khalid joined the Research Associate Program at Sidra Medicine in 2017. Khalid obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nutritional sciences from Iowa State University. Since joining Sidra he has been working on developing immunotherapeutic approaches to control and reverse the progression of inflammatory diseases such as Diabetes and Asthma. Khalid is currently working on determining the Key Dendritic Cell Factors required for the Induction of the Allergic Response. The study aim is to use monocytes from blood collected from healthy volunteers and differentiate it in vitro to dendritic cells. The goal of the study is to identify commonly regulated mRNA species and to determine if there is a central control module of transcription factors in DCs associated with Th2 induction. Cell culture, RNA isolation, next generation sequencing and cell sorting techniques are involved throughout the project