Kamal Jethwani

Assistant Professor

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA

As the Senior Director of Connected Health Innovation (CHI), Kamal Jethwani is responsible for leading a multidisciplinary team to identify and solve challenges in healthcare delivery using innovative technology-based solutions. CHI embraces value-based reimbursement across all care settings, and its solutions enable improved outcomes by making care delivery a continuous function of patients’ lives. His team is engaged in needs assessments across the system, product development and evaluations, and rigorous research to prove the value and outcomes of using connected health solutions. Their innovations are routinely scaled within clinical practices at Partners, and made part of the usual care provided to Partners’ patients. Kamal is also actively engaged in working with industry partners to scale innovations outside of Partners through strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities. The core focus of his research is in enabling better care delivery through connected health programs, by enabling better patient engagement, patient-provider communication, and patient satisfaction with care. His research so far has shown that programs that are personalized to each patient’s unique psychology and needs forge higher engagement, and in turn better outcomes. Kamal continues to develop analytic and programmatic modalities to improve the understanding of personalization concepts to connected health. He has worked extensively with sensor technology, wearables, and mobile as well as social media to deliver care to patients. The ability to personalize care and understand behavioral motivations that dictate health choices remains central to all his work at Partners CHI.