John Fossey

Professor in Synthetic Chemistry

University of Birmingham

Professor John S. Fossey is a Royal Society Industry Fellow with four granted patents and 99 peer-reviewed publications. Expertise in synthesis applied to sensing, catalysis and drug discovery. Among several research projects in catalysis and sensing for health and sustainability he has recently begun to tackle drug delivery for type 1 diabetes management. Furthermore, he is working closely with the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedical Health (GIBH) and collaborators at the University of Birmingham to translate synthetic chemistry and methodology development into new therapies for tuberculosis. Professor Fossey has secured funding from multiple organisations including the Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society, the JDRF, the EPSRC, EU H2020, the Sasakawa Foundation, the JSPS and the National Natural Science Foundation China. He is a visiting Professor at Henan Normal University, a Guest Professor East China University of Science and Technology and a Guest Lecturer at Sun Yat-sen University. Professor John Fossey was part of the team that won the 2013 Daiwa Adrian prize for UK-Japan collaborative research and he is the inaugural Czarnik Emerging Investigator Prize winner.