Hannah Fisher

Specialist Pediatric Dietitian

Sidra Medicine

I joined the Pediatric Dietetic team at Sidra in June 2017, to specialise in the area of Paediatric Diabetes and assist with providing patient care across other specialities within dietetics. Prior to Sidra, I worked at hospitals in North West London and South Wales. as part of a multi-disciplinary team. I took responsibility for delivering dietetic management to patients with diabetes including newly diagnosed children and adolescents at home and in clinics. I was involved in developing and streamlining the diabetes pump service. Before joining Sidra, I was involved in “Audit of care for children with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in our service” which was presented at the ISPAD 2017 conference. I chaired and was an active member of the South East Coast (SEC) and London diabetes network which works towards agreed standards of care, outcomes and process of quality assurance for pediatric diabetes.