Hadi Abderrahim

Lead Strategy for Healthcare and Biomedical

Qatar Foundation - Qatar

Before joining QF R&D as Lead Strategy for Healthcare and Biomedical, Dr Hadi Abderrahim led Qatar Biobank as its managing director. Dr Hadi Abderrahim’s previous experiences range from academic settings (CEPH, Cold spring Harbor, Stanford University) to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry. More than 20 years experience in human genetics and biomarker development, studying the effect of genetic factors on reactions to drugs and personalised medicine. As Head of Genetics and Biomarkers at Merck Serono, a pharmaceutical company based in Geneva, Dr Abderrahim oversaw the strategies for patient stratification in personalized medicine and established a central Biobank based in Italy. Prior to that, as Head of Genetics and Genomics Platforms at Genset in Paris, Dr Abderrahim set up a genetic and genomic platform with application to studying complex traits and diseases and a Pharmacogenetics team devoted to identify responders to drug treatments. He obtained his M.D. speciality in Genetic counseling from Hopital Necker, Paris, and he has a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and an executive MBA from HEC Paris. Dr. Hadi research interest is, Identification of disease genes and susceptibility factors: Identification of disease susceptibility genes and pathways, Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, RA (genome wide and candidate gene analysis) Biomarker identification: Support research and discovery, allowing genetic and genomic validation of all new drug targets as well as pathway analysis for pharmacodynamic marker identification (genetic, genomic, proteomic and cell assays) and translation to clinical grade, including GLP analysis. Patient stratification, companion diagnostics: Patient stratification of Merck Serono pipeline, For marketed drugs (Rebif, Erbitux) by Identification of novel biomarkers for main and additional indications (lung cancer). Generation and exection of Biomarker plans for clinical studies for new drugs in development (C-Met, Stimuvax, Cladribine)