Gianpietro Dotti

Scientific training is in Hematology and Immunology

Dr. Dottiā€™s scientific training is in hematology and immunology. Since 2000, he has exploited his expertise for the treatment of malignancies using gene modified T lymphocytes. He has a particular interest in strategies that redirect the antigen specificity of T lymphocytes and overcome tumor inhibitory mechanisms, such as development of chimeric antigen receptors, transgenic T-cell receptor, cytokine and cytokine receptor expressions. To add a safety switch to genetically modified T cells, Dr. Dotti contributed in developing a caspase 9 suicide gene inducible by dimerization that has proved safe and successful in clinical trials. He implemented clinical trials in which CAR-redirected T cells have been used to target hematologic malignancies CD19 positive. To reduce the B-cell aplasia caused by CAR.CD19-specific T cells, Dr. Dotti developed an innovative CAR that targets the light chain of human immunoglobulins. This approach is currently in a phase I clinical study. He has also developed a specific expertise in manufacturing clinical grade retroviral vectors. In this role, he has facilitated the development and implementation of over 10 cell therapy trials using gene modified T cells.