Fawzi Teskrat

Medical Doctor

Mater Dei Hospital, Republic of Malta

Fewzi Omar TESKRAT is a Medical Doctor who worked for the French Health Product and Safety Agency (ANSM, formerly AFSSAPS) until mid-2017. Dr Teskrat is a senior inspector and technical advisor for human products and in charge of European and International affairs. He has developed a specific methodology for the inspection of procurement sites and tissue and cell banks, and also for organisations performing clinical trials on medicinal products. He has been involved in drafting the French legislation and guidelines in the field of tissue and cells for transplantation (good tissues and cells practices, decree, ministerial order, etc) and contribute to other regulations at European and international level such as ATMP’S regulation. Dr Teskrat represented the French Tissue and Cell Competent Authority (ANSM) at various expert and regulatory committee meetings and working groups. He provided technical support in the field of inspection of tissue and cell banks in particular during twinning between ANSM and other Competent Authorities of EU Members States or third countries and Dr Teskrat was an active member of several EU-funded projects in the field of blood and tissues and cells (i.e: EUBIS, CATIE, EUSTITE, SoHO & Vigilance and Surveillance). He was acting chairman of the PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme) expert circle on blood, tissues and ATMP’s. In the last years, he became more concerned about the growing threat of illegal and fraudulent activities in the field of organs, tissues and cells. Therefore Dr Teskrat initiated and organised in collaboration with other national and international organisations (i.e. Interpol, Europol, European Commission, Competent Authorities) a seminar in April 2013 for raising awareness on illegal and fraudulent activities on organs, tissues and cells and finding solutions for their prevention. Given his high expertise in the field of Substances of Human Origin, the Maltese Ministry of Health appointed him as of June 1, 2017 as the Responsible Person of the ART Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta and he is still involved in EU and International projects.