Eva Thomas

Division Chief of Microbiology/Virology

Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar

Eva Thomas is Division Chief of Microbiology/Virology in the Department of Pathology at Sidra Medical and Research Center and the Acting Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control. She joined Sidra in 2014. As Division Chief, Eva is responsible for setting up Sidra’s Microbiology/Virology laboratory. This includes the recruitment of specialists; assay development and implementation; creation of a quality assurance plan and collaboration with Sidra’s clinical teams. In addition to her role at Sidra, Eva is teaching undergraduates in Microbiology/Virology at Qatar University and an active participant in Sidra’s Mini Med School for High School students. Prior to joining Sidra, Eva was a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and an attending Medical Microbiologist at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital (BCCH). In 2006 Eva was appointed Corporate Director for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) where she reorganized and integrated the entire IPC Service across 6 tertiary care institutions in British Columbia. Throughout her career at BCCH, Eva held many administrative positions including Head of Virology Services, Program Director for Microbiology, Associate Director of Pathology and Acting Department Head in 2014. During her tenure at BCCH, Eva established a brand new diagnostic virus laboratory and pioneered the introduction of real time PCR in the pediatric/obstetric diagnostic microbiology arena. She created a Rapid respiratory-virus testing program, “VIRAP”, which is still operational at BCCH and allows for daily result reporting in 4 hours. This program has significantly changed the management of pediatric respiratory infections in the Emergency Room. Eva completed her doctoral thesis in Virology from Gothenburg University and is board certified in Medical Microbiology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada. She has taught extensively and held academic appointments at the University of British Columbia (UBC) since 1992 and became Clinical Professor in 2002.