Senior associate dean for clinical affairs

Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar

Dr. Davidson is clinical professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine, board certified and actively practicing both, for 32 years after completing training. He has special expertise in anticoagulants and blood clots of arteries and veins, lung cancer, diseases with wheezing, and interactions of lung and heart. He graduated Haverford College and Temple University Medical School. He trained in internal medicine at University of Texas Southwestern, in pulmonary at the University of Pennsylvania, and in public health at Johns Hopkins. He served as director of Tuberculosis Control for the City of Philadelphia, as president of the National TB Controllers Association, and as senior associate dean for clinical affairs for Weill Cornell Medical College’s branch in Qatar. He is active in clinical research, co-author of four New England Journal of Medicine, two JAMA, two Lancet, five Annals of Internal Medicine and many other research articles, and is an associate editor of the journal, CHEST.