David Robertson

Medical Director

Bourn Hall Clinic, Dubai

David Robertson was appointed as Medical Director of Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai in 2011 and played a central role in the early development of the services offered, and the introducAon and implementa Aon of Bourn Hall UK clinical policies and procedures. In 2013 he was appointed as Group Medical Director for Bourn Hall InternaAonal, with responsibility for the medical and scienAfic funcAons across the Group. The Dubai clinic has now established itself as a leading centre in the region, with excepAonally high pregnancy rates and the latest treatment opAons and invesAgaAve procedures. David graduated in Medicine from the University of Glasgow, UK, in 1977 and underwent specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Glasgow, London and Leicester. His interest in ferAlity treatment began in 1979, when he was appointed as the Hall Research Fellow in Steroid Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, where he worked on endometrial RNA acAvity in women with ferAlity problems. In 1986, he joined Professor Ian CraZ and Dr Peter Brinsden (who went on to succeed Patrick Steptoe as Medical Director of Bourn Hall UK) in the world's busiest IVF clinic at the Wellington Hospital in London. During that Ame, David was involved in numerous original and novel research projects which contributed to our then embryonic knowledge of Assisted ReproducAon. Then, from 1989 unAl 2003, David ran his own successful FerAlity Clinic in the UK, which handled a number of NHS contracts for IVF in South East England. This was the first IVF clinic in the BMI Healthcare Group, which then went on to develop a number of other ferAlity clinics through the group. In 2003, he moved to Qatar as Consultant in IVF, and later Head of IVF, at Hamad Women’s Hospital, Doha. During his Ame there he was also an Assistant Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical School. AddiAonally, he worked with the IT Department at Qatar University and, in collaboraAon with a group of Masters students, developed a specialised EMR system for Assisted ReproducAon. In 2006, he came to the UAE as Director of IVF at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, where he was responsible for significant development in the department and greatly increased pregnancy and live birth rates. He worked closely with the hospital management, Johns Hopkins Medicine, in the lead up and subsequent cerAficaAon of the hospital by Joint Commission InternaAonal, and was also ac- Avely involved in the introducAon of EMR systems. Outside of work, David is married with three children. He has a keen interest in Open Source SoZ- ware and has, for many years, been a regular contributor to the Linux community both in soZware and documentaAon development. He is also a keen, although erraAc, golfer.