David Klatzmann

Prof. of Immunology, Chief of Biotherapy

Pierre & Marie Curie University and Medical school / Sorbonne University, France

Dr. Klatzmann is the Director of Immunology-Immunopathology-Immunotherapy Research Unit at UPMC, INSERM and the Director of Clinical Investigation Center in Biotherapy at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and the Chair of Inflammation-Immunopathology at the Immunotherapy hospital/university department. His specific interests and research activities are in Fundamental immunology as he studied the development, homeostasis and function of T cells, with a special focus on regulatory T cells (Tregs), Pathophysiology as he studied the role of Tregs in inflammation, autoimmunity and cancer and also the Therapy as he developed various T cell and Treg-based biotherapies. He was among the first doctors and scientists involved in AIDS research. He also contributed the hypothesis that HIV would be best looked for in patients with a lymphadenopathy syndrome, and specifically in their lymph nodes (3,4). This hypothesis was key to the isolation of HIV, as outlined by the Nobel Committee in 2008. He also developed a strategy based on killing pathological cells, for which I coined the expression “suicide gene therapy”.