Carlos Ribeiro

Principal Investigator

Champalimaud Neuroscience Program, Portugal

Carlos Ribeiro is a principal investigator at the Champalimaud Research in Lisbon, Portugal. His laboratory works at the interface of behavior, metabolism and physiology and studies how nutrients and internal states act at the level of neuronal and physiological systems to generate the correct nutritional decisions needed for the survival and reproduction of organisms. They use the powerful genetics of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, to manipulate circuits and molecular mechanisms, survey neuronal function using activity imaging, and query behavioral outcomes using novel automated, quantitative methods. These approaches are complemented with precise nutritional and microbial manipulations to reach an integrated understanding of nutrition. He was born in Basel, Switzerland and obtained his PhD from the University of Basel, Switzerland, for his use of in vivo imaging to discover the cellular and molecular mechanisms used to sculpt tubular organs. For his postdoc he joined the lab of Barry Dickson at the IMP in Vienna, Austria where he used similar techniques to understand the cellular processes guiding embryonic axon guidance. Witnessing the power of neurogenetics in furthering our understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of behavior, he became interested in decision-making and nutrition. In 2009 he moved to Lisbon to join the newly founded Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme. In 2014 he was selected as a board member of the FENS-Kavli network of excellence. You can follow his activities on Twitter @RibeiroCarlitos