Alice Abdel Aleem

Principal investigator of the Neurogenetics Laboratory- FG 2018 Oral Presentation Winner

Weill Cornell Medicine- Qatar

Dr. Abdel Aleem received her Medical Degree from Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University-Egypt and her Doctoral specialty training in Molecular Human Genetics from humangenetik Institute, Medical School Hannover-Hannover-Germany. Her training in clinical genetics and dysmorphology was received at the Clinical Genetics Department-Human Genetics Division- National Research Centre-Cairo-Egypt. She had her Postdoc training at several Genetic institutes involving Marburg Genetic Institute- Marburg University-Germany, Center Neuroscience California University-San Diego-USA, and Centre of Regenerative Bioscience, Georgia University-Athens-USA. Currently she is an Assistant professor at the Neurology Department - WCM-NY and Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at the Brain and Mind Research Institute –NY. She is also a a certified clinical Geneticist and a Consultant Geneticist at the Clinical and Metabolic Genetics- Hamad Medical Corporation. As a professor in Human Genetics, she had several leadership positions, she served as the Director of Medical Molecular Genetics Department, the Associated Director of the Division of Human Genetics and Genomic Research, the Director of graduate study registration committee, and the Director of specific molecular diagnostics at her former institute, the National Research Centre- Cairo-Egypt. Dr Abdel Aleem received multiple QF-funded grants that did address the aspects of clinical genetics as well as the whole genomic sequencing variations in patients with rare neurogenetic disorders. She and her research group at WCM-Q and collaborator at WCM-NY identified and characterized new genes contributing to specific autosomal recessively inherited phenotypes associated with brain malformation. Through her recent grant under the program of “Path toward Personalized medicine” she started her research in the field of large scale proteomic screening in patients with heritable myopathies and dystrophies exploring the potential interacting pathways and the pathophysiology of associated lethal co-morbidities.. Dr Abdel Aleem research has largely contributed to disseminate high quality science driven information in relation to rare genetic diseases in Qatar. She is very interested in designing a very simple accessible technology that can enable patients’ families to better understand various aspects of myopathies and dystrophies and the concept of precision medicine in its bipartite of disease prevention and discovery of new therapeutics.