Conference on Understanding molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Obesity and Stroke Conference and Workshop Program



CUDOS 2017

The prevalence of diabetes is significantly increasing in Qatar to 130% by 2030, which is listed amongst the top 10 countries in the world with highest diabetes prevalence and the second highest for prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance. The major contributors to this growing incidence of diabetes in Qatar are diet, lifestyle factors and their interactions with the genome and epigenome, which has demonstrated to leave long-lasting (several generations) impact.

The Qatar National Research Fund funded CUDOS conference is align specifically with the grand challenges selected by Qatar foundation leadership. The plan of “tackling” diabetes development and assist in preventing this disease through understanding the genetic causes is the major goal of CUDOS.

The aim of this conference is to generate interaction and communications between researchers in the state of Qatar and the world-renowned experts from the fields of diabetes to illustrate the ongoing research and to drive scientific knowledge in this area of research. The CUDOS is great platform to share, understand new information and boost the diabetes and cardiovascular research visibility in the state of Qatar.

The First “Qatar National Research Fund Conference on Understanding molecular mechanisms in CVD, Diabetes, Obesity& Stroke (CUDOS 2017)”, a three days meeting including half-day hands-on training workshop.

This conference is organized as part of the Sidra Symposia Series and is directed towards academia, researchers, physicians, healthcare providers and regulatory agents involved in the fields of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular research.



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Registration is free, but mandatory to attend the event.

“Online and On-Site Registration are open“



Hands on open array Workshop Registration (12th April, Sidra OPC)

For hands-on workshop registration, please email Dr. Ammira Akil on:







Organizing Committee


Dr. Ammira S. Akil

Human Genetics Department, Translational Medicine Division, Sidra Medical and Research Center


Dr. Khalid Fakhro

Director, Human Genetics Department, Translational Medicine Division, Sidra Medical and Research Center


Dr. Ena Wang

Acting Chief Research Officer, Sidra Medical and Research Center



Supporting Organizing Committee

  • Nelly El Mistekawy
  • Afshan Khan
  • Maricris Salud
  • Rana Hamada
  • Lara Djansezian
  • Irina Chepilevskaya
  • Nevin Amin
  • Marina Lee
  • Theresa Brunsman
  • Fadi Hamsho
  • Erica Umberger
  • Farhana Coelho
  • Bader Al Sada
  • Aisha Al Zaman
  • Noor Al Naemi
  • Diana Al Jubaili- Weill Cornell Medicine- Qatar
  • Mary Anne Tourette- Hamad General Hospital


Starts / Ends

On       April 10, 2017
Until       April 12, 2017

7:30 am – 5:00 pm


Venue Location

Shangri-La Hotel
Diplomatic Area, West-Bay